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Walleye Charters

Spring Jigging: Medium-heavy to heavy-action rods with 10-14lb abrasion-resistant line for vertical jigging 3/8- to 3/4-ounce baits off of the bottom. Blade baits, twister tails, and spoons are standard walleye jigging baits.

Summer Casting: Use spinning reels on 6-7' rods with medium to medium-heavy action and 8lb test line; bait cast or spin cast reels with shorter rods. Casting lures are typically 3/8- to 3/4-ounce weight-forward spinners or "mayfly" rigs tipped with worms and plugs.

Summer - Fall Trolling: Bait-casting or spinning reels on 7-10' medium-action rods, 8-14lb test line. Shock leaders (18-20lb test) are often used. Trollers use a variety of techniques, including flat-lining with diving plugs or bottom bouncers with night-crawler harnesses and controlled-depth fishing with plugs or spoons. Planer boards are especially useful to get baits away from the boat because walleyes can be spooked by boat noise.

Perch Charters

Spring - Fall Jigging: Spin cast, bait cast, or spinning reels on light-medium action, 5-6' rods, with 6-8lb test line. Low-stretch lines work especially well. The most common technique is to use a 2-way spreader with #4-#6 long-shanked, snelled hooks tipped with shiners and a 3/4- to 1-ounce sinker. Jigging the spreader periodically gives the shiners some movement and usually entices a bite.

Smallmouth Bass Charters

Summer Casting: Bait cast, or spinning reels on medium-heavy action, 5-6' rods, with 6-12lb test line. Low-stretch lines are preferred by many bass anglers. Popular jigging lures include 2-5" tube baits, twister tails, hair jigs, and spoons. Casters use a variety of plugs in both fish and crayfish patterns. Live-bait fishing with shiners or crayfish is especially effective during the late-summer and fall months, with a #2-#4 snelled hook below a 3/8-3/4-ounce sinker and barrel swivel.

Steelhead Fishing

Come fish Steelhead Alley located on the south shore of Lake Erie. Fishing steelhead alley in the fall or spring for steelhead is an exciting game for any noodle rod or fly fisher. Enjoy breath taking scenery and extremely energetic fish capable of long, drag screaming runs and multiple acrobatic jumps! Start planning your trip today. These fish are waiting for you and are like silver rockets waiting to go off.

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